Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Crochet me one too!

Haven't really posted to date, want to thank Ms Fortuknit for inviting me over to play.

This is a little crochet number form the latest offering from Debbie Stoller, The Happy Hooker. Didn't crochet it myself, still have to learn but a friend knowing my passion for all things skull made it for me.

I've found a link to the picture where she had it up on her blog - http://cindy2paw.typepad.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/suzi_1.jpg

Goes well with my new apron! With all this dishcloth knitting going on I may have to knit myself a co-ordinating one with a skull. If it dosen't exixt it shoudln't be hard to make up? Right?

Edit: Googled and answered my own question!

Thrown by Suzi @ 3:21 AM

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Ooo, fantastic!! Once I find my camera again I will take pics of the "pile o' washcloths" my Monday Knitting Group made for us as housewarming gifts (haha - typed hosewarming first). Many types of skulls and a lace bat even.

I want that apron!

Thrown by Blogger Inky @ 6:03 AM #

lace... bats?? I've got to see that! I bought the Happy Hooker book and have been waiting to make that skull hot mat.. but I've sort of forgotten how to crochet at the moment. lol.

Thrown by Blogger Mouse @ 7:44 AM #

Suz' you never have to thank me I adore you! And Inky when I first saw you I just thought you were cool but NOW I TRULY KNOW THAT YOUR COOL!

Your right mouse those sound adorable!! What a great group!

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 3:09 PM #
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