Saturday, September 02, 2006

Helloo My dears

Ok so seriously, how is everyones weekend coming? I know that weve got a holiday in america monday but what about the rest of you? Im not sure if Sev' will be up as quickly today, she had a wild night last night! hahah... give her shit! she loves it and shell give it right back to you!

Thanks all of you for joining us here! Were totally stoaked! And thanks for the compliments on the Mark(tom,todd[long story}) Ryden photo he is just one of the most amazing artists of our time! Speaking of artist,I know that blackcrow and sev are artists and draw quite well and lani is a mad button maker! So if anyone else has extra time to kill and wants to make up some goth/macabre/poesk buttons have at it!


PS We love vintage stuff too!!

Thrown by MsFortuknit @ 2:00 PM

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Oh dang it, it was a Girls Night Out in what was left of Hurricane Ernesto trying to find a restauraunt with electricity. But a lot of wine and whine was involved.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 2:25 PM #
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