Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pagan Chatter

I have no issues discussing my beliefs, at all. I have just never been one to advertise, "Hey, look at me, I'm a witch!" I leave that to Ari, she is more ummmm, outspoken on that. If someone is interested and asks me about being a Witch, I am more than happy to let them know. I kind of keep to myself on the matter. I am a solitary practitioner of "the craft." Even though my best friend is also a witch. *grin* (waves to Ari)

Why am I Pagan in beliefs? It's a way of life, for me. I grew up with it. My father, who I am a bit nervous to name, is Pagan and since I can remember...taught me bits and pieces of the path. I did not fully come into my own until the Spring of 1997 when I was surfing the internet and found a site on Wicca. It was like a light bulb, "OOOOH, this is what it's called?" I could say...that I have been hooked ever since. I was never raised Christian and had no pre-knowledge to overlook when I became a Witch. I am not a huge fan of organized religion either. LOL!

I should get going for the moment...more on this later. I have to get my youngest daughter off to school. Toodles.

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What an amazinglife Lani! Im so glad that are happy writing about your spirituality here!! Thanks tons for sharing! And Ari too!

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