Thursday, September 07, 2006

A rambling intro post and a button..

accusing villagers and Tim Burton inspired fonts make cool buttons Hi Y'all.. I'm Mouse and I come bearing buttons for the site. Feel free to use it but save it on your own server or else I'll send my pack of evil mutant acid spewing zombie mice to chew on your yarn... or I'll just stomp my foot and be really angry with you.. depending on how full my schedule is.
I'm a knitter and spinner - I just bought my first wheel ( a Louet s-10) in May and I'm still more into spinning than knitting right now. Its probably just the fact that it hasn't dropped below 90 degrees here in about 4 months that is doing it. I also have a manual knitting machine that I'm dying to crank out some cool stripey scarves for this winter with - as soon as I figure out what is going wrong with the stupid thing.
At the moment I'm not sure of what you'd call my style beyond "tired mommy"- I sort of gave up on my head to toe goth clothing when I became a mom and just wear whatever I feel like day to day. Living in the South makes a closet full of velvet and high neck blouses ( I love more of a victorian type gothic look.. ) just seem like a recipe for heat stroke - so I usually wait until fall (assuming we're having fall this year.. I'm still waiting) to bring out my 'darker side'. Admittedly I've gotten quite lazy about my wardrobe.. but I'm hoping to remedy that.
My taste in music is mostly gothic & dark wave, 80's, with some celtic and new age ( Loreena McKinnett, Dead Can Dance, Capercaillie) throw in. My husband is a huge Christian Death/Rozz Williams fan and also listens to a lot of German/ industrial type bands (Rammstein, Wumpscut, and Skinny Puppy) so I've ended up liking more of that too.
I'm also completely addicted to hand blended perfumes (Goth Rosary & Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs), striped tights, high boots, and all things purple. Pleased to meet y'all!~

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Hey Mouse-
Youve got fantastinominal taste dolly!
I know that your so busy and so thankful that youve posting your button well add it!
Hope everythings going well!

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 7:54 PM #

Hey Mouse! I can understand the "tired mommy" look. I am usually in that mode. I don't walk around in my "wacky" outfit unless I have reason to. Otherwise I live in shorts, jeans and yoga pants. It makes for cleaning the house easier...LOL!

Oh, I forgot to make some buttons. I am on it...

Thrown by Blogger Lani @ 7:58 PM #

hey mouse! YAY mouse!!! welcome!

yay for dead can dance/lorena mckenitt...also i just saw the video for this mortal coil "song to the siren" last night (good old VH1 The Alternative, lol), man do i love Elizabeth Fraser's voice!

i've given up the head-to-toe velvet look in favor of the "tired farmgirl" look, often confused with "impoverished Deliverance" look--sleeveless tanks, overalls or boy's shorts (way more pockets & far more comfy than girls shorts) or sweats and muck shoes, usu. cakes with chicken poo--but it just isn't practical to slog to the barn in thigh-high stilettos and leather...

yet there could be an interesting phot shoot in there somewhere...

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 1:34 AM #

Howdie Mousie :)

Glad you are here. And chicas (and any chicos too) Goth Rosary products are great. Mouse got me hooked on it and now I wear it daily. It makes me happy to smell like Nag Champa and rubbing incense on myself was getting messy as all hell.

Thrown by Blogger Inky @ 5:51 AM #

:: waves :: Yes.. I'm an evil enabler when it comes to online shopping. I'll have to post a list of shops one day because I do most of my shopping from online stores.

Thrown by Blogger Mouse @ 7:16 PM #
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