Friday, September 15, 2006

Starting to think "Holiday"

No no no, not the song, you know, the one in October.

And I really just sorta felt like posting something; found this pic of a costume I wore a few years back.

If you reconize the flick that inspired the look, I will be very honored. If not, perhaps Sev & I will flog you.

This year, it has been suggested that I don the garb of the female cenobyte in Hellraiser. I kinda wish I could simply grow fur and fangs and worship the moon on my own.

I picked a pumpkin and a few gourds from the garden today. I suppose that's what has me inspired. Plus, it's starting to feel like fall. Hooray, I say, and huzzah.

Thrown by Obsidian Kitten @ 8:23 PM

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I am idea. I desrve a flogging for that. I am sorry. LOL!

Thrown by Blogger Lani @ 9:30 PM #

Ohh, that's from Bladerunner! Did I get a cookie for that?

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 9:39 PM #

Ah, Pris from Bladerunner. Which I saw in the theater the FIRST time, lol, and of a legal drinking age.

Also, the only movie I liked Daryl Hannah in until Kill Bill Vol I & II. and Sexy Rutger Hauer who, at the time, looked like a one-night stand I had in Spain, in the church cemetary. mmmm, yummy.

Thrown by Blogger Inky @ 6:47 AM #


I'm pondering my own at this time. I may do corpse bride. one of these days when my love and I have somewhere good to do we are going to Jack and Sally from Nightmare.

Plus I'm trying to help my little bro long distance with his. He was Alice Cooper last year.

Thrown by Blogger Gothknits @ 7:49 AM #

Every Halloween/Samhain...I dress up as a know, myself? LOL! I even have a tall pointy hat.

Thrown by Blogger Lani @ 9:30 AM #

Your adorable! Sev and Inky got it so Ill just hit the Holloweeny one! I love Ceme's Inky theyre super fun for gettin down it! And with a spanish boy, what a memory! Gothi I love that your doing the Jack and Sally thingy and Sweety pie Lani awww,I just think you like being flogged! hahah, I always like to dress up like a yuppie, it makes me laugh, especially when I take my kid to school and they all say well you look really nice and then I have to burst their bubble! ha!

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 10:54 AM #

I dunno if I'll do anything this year. Grump. I'd really like to go as a freakshow bearded lady. I'm sorta not into it right at the moment.

Dang it!

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 3:36 PM #

oh, Sev gets a big cookie, extra crme & chocolate, pls! and inky, extra points for recognizing Pris (and extra bonus round for your cemetary tryst). Woot! you are indeed my grrls, all of you...

i so loved bladerunner...back when Rutger Hauer was SO hot, whew...

I actually combined pris (i SO loved that she SPRAYED on her eye-makeup) with the other replicant, the one with the snakes, who got shot while running through the glass windows in her clear plastic raincoat. i love that scene, the shattering glass, her raincoat, all the layers of transparency falling and breaking around her.

and Sally & Jack, how romantic & fun!

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 4:37 PM #

I need to get me a replicant. Then I could just shut him off and dump him in the basement so I wouldn't have to listen to him.

What's a non-romantic outfit? I'm in the market for one of those.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 6:11 PM #
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