Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Swans are the best

Band ever still, no? ( Its ok google the swans and nab a down load theyll lead you to so many great bands, yes including Joy Division and Fugazi etc)

This process aka school is draining me! Its stealing my life already and time away from my posting and playing :( fuckers! Oh well!

To show them whose boss I bought this book, the goats for baby Ivy sorry!

This reminds me of the stuff that Sev' makes! The patterns are fantisimo! PS I share!

By the way Suzi your getting a spanking from a couple of nuns named Obsidian and Sev as well as Lani! ;)

Its so super sweet seeing all of you right now! Kisses and misses and a little knittin' inbetween....

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Wooo, Swans! They ruled live. I need to get better speakers for my turntable since most of my Swans are on vinyl.

Drone. Drone. Drone. Here's your money. Drone, drone, drone-drone.

But I ain't into the whole Fugazi thing. I live a little too close to DC and that was all I heard about for years was fuckin Fugazi. I totally blame them for Emo. Gahhhh.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 5:33 PM #

I adore you

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 8:40 PM #

Nuns? Nuns? What nuns? Have I totally missed something?

I have haven't I???

Thrown by Blogger Suzi @ 3:52 AM #

You have to look in a previous Post to find out Suzi! hahaha Suzi and Lani are the Nuns!

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 9:45 AM #
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