Thursday, October 19, 2006

Choklit From Forn Parts

I got stuck in traffic trying to come home; George Dubya is here for some useless fundraiser and is blocking every route to my house. If I didn't vote for your ass can I please go home the regular way? I might not throw anything.

So I finally get home and sitting propped against my apartment door was a box with customs stickers and an Australian postmark. My PRGE gifty thingy!

I opened the box and everything was all wrapped up in Aussie newspapers with strange little messages drawn on and all wrapped up in black string, so I got stuff to read. And pirate balloons to blow up.

Mmmm, I got some fancy-ass dark chocolate (now with teethmarks in it), some dark chocolate-covered coffee beans (one of my favorite chocolatey things), chocolate pirates & a frog (already gone), something I'd never seen before--chocolate rocks. These things look exactly like those tumbled stones you can buy but the damn things are edible. I'm supposed to share the rocks and some gourmet Jelly Bellies with my brother. Dunno, they might not last that long. ;)

Did I say chocolate covered coffee beans are one of my favorite things? I'll be a total ho for chocolate covered coffee beans. They don't necessarily have to be from The Chocolate Shop in Hobart *crunch crunch crunch* but I'll be a ho for chocolate covered coffee beans.

OK, somehow she knew that I did not have a pincushion, so she sent me a cool beaded handmade one and a couple packs of pins to go in it just in case I didn't have any of those either, so now I got no excuse not to get back to my sewing. The pincushion's the round thing in the photo with the floral patterned fabric and the really cool button in the center.

Mmmmm, I got a set of fancy stitch markers made with black and red faceted glass beads. She somehow knew that I'd been using those little cheap-ass plastic ones! The photo's so lousy you can only see the LBC tag they're tied to. The next thing I knit that needs stitches marked will have those in the pic so be patient! There's also a couple of balls of soy silk yarn that I've been dying to work with, as soon as I decide on a project and what colors to dye them in. Oh yeah, some nice Landscapes dyes and some lace pattern and I'm all set! Or I'll spin up and dye some accent yarn to go with it. *thinking and eating coffee beans*

So I've been rubbing and smelling the yarn and eating chocolate since I got home and that made the nasty ol' Republican cooties go away. Yes, I huff yarn. You should try it sometime, especially silk.

OK, Secret Punk Pal, you rule!

Damien likes the box but he's not so impressed by the balloons.

Did I say my PRGE pal ruled?

Coffee is good for the flu so you get all loopy from the meds and the caffeine.

Later comment: OK, Hobart is in Tasmania, making the choklit even more exotic. Suddenly I'm thinking of Errol Flynn and weird stripy animals with pockets. Mmmm, Errol Flynn covered in chocolate.

Thrown by Severina @ 5:01 PM

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I totally think they should have given out " I didn't vote for the sh*thead" free passes around the city.. lol
Nice haul! The orange cat-like snotrag is really cute too.

Thrown by Blogger Mouse @ 5:43 PM #

They might have been giving out buttons that said "Macaca and Shithead" for all I know.

Ahhh, chocolate.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 5:47 PM #

That is a cool parcel! Love the Pirate ballons must lok out for osme of those for myself.

Cute kitty! My feral beast likes boxes as well. He actually stole mine my parcel came in mfrom my secret pal and shoved it around the room before sitting in it.

Thrown by Blogger Suzi @ 1:45 AM #

That cat is deceptively cute.

Don't trust it.

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 3:05 AM #

Great gifts!! Just what you need as make your way back to health (but, hopefully no sanity :))

Yep, my orange smudgebutt likes boxes too. Cats are from outerspace you know.

Thrown by Blogger Glaistig @ 7:00 AM #

cats are so from outerspace.

i think we have compliled more than enough evidence to confirm this.

Grey cats must be Greys. (just hold their ears back and then take a good look. damn terrifying is what it is)

Sev's cat is a confirmed displacer beastie, with a chameleon circuit, and i suspect cats not only walk through walls, see ghosts and communicate with the dead but travel through space and time in cardboard boxes.

they just do it and come back at the same moment that they left so that we never know that they were gone...

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 3:07 AM #
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