Monday, October 16, 2006

Halloween Traditions?

I've personally never been able to hang onto anythig long enough to claim it as a tradition for this fabulous time of year, but how about everybody esle?

Some of you are organised to craft for it, so surely there must be some tradition lurking in there!

On the haunted ginerbread house front, I have found literally that a front! Good old Betty Crocker what would we do with out her? Haunted Gingerbread House.

Thrown by Suzi @ 11:58 PM

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I don't usually decorate the outside of my apartments because I don't want kids coming to my door. Brrrr!

I used to help a friend carve her pumpkins every year and decorate her front porch. We'd get pretty ripped and wind up with giant mutant pumkins with one eye or big rude words carved into them. "Eat Me" was meant to be an Alice In Wonderland reference, honest!

Then she bought a house in a stuffy neighborhood and she didn't want crap like that on her front porch anymore and since I refuse to carve prissy pumpkins from a kit I stopped helping a couple years back.


Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 6:32 AM #

Traditions for Halloween...let me see...
I decorate the house/apt a bit. This year we hung that fake cobweb stuff in our big window. We carve pumpkins, trick-or-treat, etc. The usual when you have kids. Although, my youngest daughter begins jr high next year and informed me this is her last year doing the becomes uncool after that, I guess.

I personally enjoy dressing as a witch or gothy on Halloween. It's my day of personal expression. I love watching spooky horror movies. I also enjoy pagan rituals on Samhain...So, it's a mix bag of fun and stuff for me. But "tradition" is not the word I would use's usually me winging it.

Thrown by Blogger Lani @ 6:39 AM #

Suzi that haunted house RULES! At our place because everyday is halloween be have glow in the dark skulls and spider webs in the windows and gargoyles all around and other things like Jack Skellington and the nightmare before christmas everywhere. For each holiday we put things on them, like for christmas everyone/thing gets a hat or a candy cane etc.. its a blast, my poor kids are going to hate me when the grow up! HAHA
Cheers for the cool linky I think well do that for christmas and this halloweeny!

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 9:05 AM #
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