Sunday, October 22, 2006

Less-Than-Vintage Projects

Resistance is futile!

Here's the Robot Illusion Scarf that I finished a few days ago and should have posted by now. I knitted pretty much all of it while I had the flu so I'm surprised it really has robots on it at all instead of the Nyquil logo.

I like really long scarves but since I was working with a limited amount of yarn this was only 4 ft. long. If I had had enough of the black cotton/ramie (recycled from a thriftstore sweater) I would have done six robots instead of four. I had plenty of the rust yak/merino.

I was much too lazy to take a photo of the scarf dead-on so you don't see the robots.

I was going to add a rust fringe but I might just knit a rust and black hat.

My other project is Body Count Mittens using the casualty numbers from here. I saw that Karen's thinking of doing a set and I couldn't leave well enough alone. I've got some handspun in heathered green and a tan that seems to work pretty well, in an unintentional icky military kind of way. I didn't even consider the Desert Storm color scheme until I had already done the cuff and it was no turning back by that point.

This is how far I got before I ran out of the green, so I'll be spinning up some more in a couple days. I'd better not run out of the tan because I have no idea just what the fiber was and if I have any more of it.

I did get to use my flashy new red stitch markers from my PRGE pal for the first time. They all jiggly, mama!

Where's the cat? I have to blow my nose and I can't find the furry little snotrag.

Thrown by Severina @ 2:10 PM

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love bots love bots love bots

do they attack aliens and alien spacecraft?
b/c i'm being overrun by alien crap over here

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 1:20 AM #

I think I could program my bots to do just that. Exterminate!

And did you see the bot over at the AntiCraft? It holds your tampons and Q-tips for ya. That rules.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 5:37 AM #

The bots kind remind me of little Polynesian tikis. Love 'em! (Apparently madness from illness and Nyquil creates great works. If only I could get sick!)

The mitten design heather colors are really wonderful. And I so agree with the message too. . . . [Scribbles Body Count mittens on long infinite "to knit" list]

Thrown by Blogger Glaistig @ 5:12 PM #

i love the tampon bot, too. altho i can only imagine the havoc cats would wreck with such easy access to little plastic-wrapped cotton "mice" (Isis: Hey, look, Morgan! What nice turquoise tails all thes mice have! And they're so crinkly and so wiggly!)-- they'd think it was their personal toy dispenser...

grrrr. dam cats...this is why i can't have nice things...

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 9:59 PM #
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