Monday, October 23, 2006

Llamas Are Larger Than Frogs

I got a cool little package from two of Obsidian Kitten's llamas--Graty and Llannie. They nicely included their portraits along with sizeable chunks of fleece. I didn't realise llamas could handle tape dispensers and color printers. Thanks guys!

The two purple bags at the top are crammed with angora bunny fur, both mostly white, one with a little light brown and the other with a bit of grey. Either one would blend up pretty well with Graty's light brown & beige spotted fleece and it only takes a smidge of bunny to make a nice halo in your yarn. Blended angoras don't tend to shed as much as 100 % bunny plus it's way easier to work with. Miss O'Kitten is working with the same blend and I want to see what she spins up.

I'm in the mood to spin up a hat and new fiber usually throws all kinds of projects into my brain. Stay tuned.

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llamas have two-toed feet (no opposable thumbs) but still manage to do a pretty good job with the tape

i can't wait to see what a real spinner can do with their fluff

btw, i'm still stuck on the undertaker's wreck...beware dalek when you're on the roads

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 3:18 PM #

(On the opposable thumb question, did we evolve from 2 toed llamas? Maybe just us knitters?)

Y'all spinners sure know your fibers and blends!

Thrown by Blogger Glaistig @ 5:15 PM #
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