Friday, October 13, 2006

Makings of Halloween?

Making something for Halloween does it have to be craft or can I get away with cooking?

I'm kinda hoping to get organised enough to do one of those gingerbread houses like they have at Christmas but turn it into a spooky house.

Amongest other things. I look forward to Halloween mainly for the prospect of what I can cook up. Witches FIngers, Ghosty Treats of all sizes and styles!

Thrown by Suzi @ 8:18 PM

Read or Post a Comment the spooky house idea. I wanna see pictures though. :-)

Thrown by Blogger Lani @ 9:32 PM #

oooh, cooking stiff is awesome

i'm a lousy cook so you'll make me real envious real fast; u must post pics!!!

hey lani, i like the new pic of u

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 11:57 PM #

Do it to it Suzi!

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 9:27 AM #

I once made hitler gingerbread men...many moons ago!

I like the food idea....I have a fantastic pumpkin pie recipe and loads of pumpkin stored in the cellar from last years harvest....could be interesting!

Thrown by Blogger BlackCrow @ 2:29 AM #

heil hitler gingerbread men, HAW!

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 8:33 AM #
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