Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Robot Monkey Delusional Scarf KAL Go

Hey Sev, these skellies might give you some ideas.

But I love me some bots! lol

I'd always liked the Alien Illusion scarf in the 1st S'n'B book myself. If anyone (uh, like me) needs basic instrux for an illusion scarf that's a good place to look.

Ok, one more pic of cute to make everyone gag again.
Go on, pet the screen, you know you want to...

Thrown by Obsidian Kitten @ 7:57 PM

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Yeah, the alien scarf in SnB is what got me turned on to illusion knitting, in the first place.

Awww...llama baby gets cuter and cuter. I want one.

Thrown by Blogger Lani @ 9:58 PM #

You haven't been to bed at all since that litle rascal was born, have you? :D

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 5:58 AM #
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