Sunday, November 12, 2006

Somebody Stop Me

Another version of Blackrayne's Skully dishcloth (ok, I liked him better in a solid color) and two with some cute lace heart pattern. (Pattern links at my blog, I'm too lazy to post them here.) I can't stop knitting these damn things, mainly while watching reruns of CSI, X-Files, and Star Trek episodes, all of which I've seen so many times it's quite embarrassing. And yes, back to the needles I go...

Thrown by Obsidian Kitten @ 10:52 PM

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I've actually become quite enamoured of the dishcloths, I think it's the excitment of a skull one!

But they are awesome looking!

Thrown by Blogger Suzi @ 1:46 AM #

Sure, you claim to be watching CSI and these other shows. I know you're really scouring the web for nudie pics of Grissom and/or Mr. Spock. . . . Oh, wait. That's me. Nevermind!!

Thrown by Blogger Glaistig @ 6:13 PM #

you guys are so cute! I trust that youve come down from your sugar high from the other day lovers of Jeff Goldblum

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 11:48 AM #

hey, you better send me the links for those pics you find of spock, grissom, and/or jeff goldblum

actually, i don't care so much if they're nude, best if they're, you know, poring over microscopes or ancient manuscripts or bits of evidence or parts of dead bodies or beating up aliens or something. that gets me all worked up...

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 1:08 AM #
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