Monday, December 04, 2006

From My Secret Pal-erina

I got a surprise from my super-fabulous Secret Pal today! No, no, not turkey leftovers...she sent me Jennifer Stafford's DomiKNITrix: Whip Your Knitting Into Shape. It RULES because--(1) it has great patterns; (2) it's a fun read; and (3) the how-to's are excellent. In 3 easy pictures she taught me continental knitting, and I may (possibly? can it be?) permanently switch teams on this one. (Believe me, I'm as shocked and horrified as you are.)

Accompanying it was Paint It Black: A Guide to Gothic Homemaking. I preface my review by telling you that Mr. O'Kitten lives by the credo that you can do anything with spray paint and a glue gun. We decorated the entire Elks Hall for our wedding this way: some coat hangers draped with floor-to-ceiling swaths of gold dollar-store wrapping paper, a garbage-bin chandelier-cum-candelabra (turned upside down and spray-painted gold), and dollar-store plastic faux-crystal centerpieces (also spray-painted gold) bearing candles and sugared fruit.

[It occurs to me that some point I should post photos of this, lest you think me a complete lunatic. (I swear, I was entirely sober, it was completely fabulous, and a great time was had by all. Really!)]

But I digress. I was tickled no end to find that the Paint It author's first rule is Paint It Black (via our handy-dandy spray paint) and his tool of choice (after spray paint) is the glue gun. Ah, the joys of hot melted glue sticking to one's poor bare skin...

Yay! My Secret Pally rules! And this was a much-needed package because since Saturday the thermometer has been stuck between 18-20 degrees F (about minus 6-8 degrees C), and I had a shrink appointment today some 30 miles away. Ugh! Secret Pally I love you!!!

Oh, in the background above you can see another surprise I got today--a purple PVC catsuit from Mr. O'Kitten. (Wish you could see the color. And very very shiny!) An early Xmas present. Now I'm gonna be a SUPERHERO! Woo-hoo!

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Your a super loved one!! SOOOO COOL!

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 9:39 PM #

I've been wanting to get my hands on the knitting book in the photo for a while to check out the patterns.. and the vinyl catsuit is AWESOME!

Thrown by Blogger Mouse @ 5:25 AM #

I have been eyeing the Domiknitrix book, myself. Lucky you! HUGS!

Thrown by Blogger Lani @ 6:57 AM #

I have been eyeing the Domiknitrix book, myself. Lucky you! HUGS!

Thrown by Blogger Lani @ 6:57 AM #
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