Friday, December 01, 2006

Krap I Made

My mom has this thing about apples, so I made her an apple potholder/warshrag thingie and a placemat. Okay, it's supposed to be a set of placemats, but I only got one and 3/4 of another of them finished and now mom & dad are heading south for the winter, so they got a knitting IOU instead. Not that they care. They love anything I make--or so they tell me, anyway.

Somehow this seems eerily reminiscent of the loopy potholder phase I went through back when I was 7 or 8, when everyone in the family got about 18 of those things for Christmas one year, but oh well. Mom and Dad were happy.

In case anyone was wondering where I'd got off to for the week, spouse abducted me one morning and took me off to Pennsylvania for my grandma's 89th birthday (and no, I didn't know we were going until a half hour before we left). I just got back. Where y'all been? I can't believe you're still eating Sev's turkey leftovers...

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my sister would die!!!!! Look at you go! I called you tonight did you get my message babe?

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 9:44 PM #

Everybody got poisoned by my Dirt Turkey leftovers!

In my case it's just pure laziness brought on by that crocheting deadline. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!! Plus the holidays usually get me all screwed up.

But I'm slowly getting back into things.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 11:04 AM #

Glad you're back! The burn on my finger from Thanksgiving is telling I need to start knitting up some potholders.

Thrown by Blogger Glaistig @ 1:52 PM #
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