Monday, December 11, 2006

Yay, Goodies!

I had to take time out from writing angry letters to Santa because I got this great package o' goodies from my PRGE buddy BlackCrow a couple days ago. The orange cat's tail wasn't included, since I've already got one of those and I don't think I need an extra one from Tasmania but you never know what will turn up in these boxes.

I have in my hot little hands a set of wooden knitting needles made from Tasmanian oak, a bamboo crochet hook, some flavored coffee (Frangelico and chocolate/mandarin) that I've already started grinding and consuming, a couple of late-1940's pattern books (Patons and Stitchcraft) that added about five more things to my To-Do List dammit, a pocket mirror, a skull button, and some gorgeous grey alpaca.

I've decided that with the vintage patterns and mountains of fiber I've gotten from both her and Obsidian Kitten that they're plotting to keep me from leaving the house ever again. Not that there's anything worth fooling with out there in the cold, cruel world anyhow.

See, I got me some gen-u-ine Tasmanian alpaca, sheared from gen-u-ine mutant two-headed Tasmanian alpacas which you would be able to see had I gotten a better photograph. Apparently mutant two-headed alpacas are a bit cannibalistic. But alas, there was no blood splatter on the fiber.

Blood and gore, yeah!

I have a monstrous, growing list of Things To Spin too, since I got all that llama & bunny fiber from O'Kitten, this alpaca, and I recently hauled out some long-forgotten fiber from the back of the stash.

The Horrible Orange Thing even got a little handmade dead mouse cat toy with blood clots embroidered on it, not that he deserves any new toys. The first time I stepped on it of course it was all wet and slobbery. He's such a filthy little dog.

This here's my Trailer Trash pocket mirror. Hopefully the use of this mirror will make me look like Trailer Trash, or at least more like the Trashy lass on the lid.

Back to gazing longingly at the lace blouse on the cover of the Patons pattern book. Mmmm, Patons.

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ok, first of all, i LOVE that the little lavender mouse is pre-blood and gore spattered. yippee!

and i did not know that tasmanian alpacas had two heads. wow, ya learn sumthin new every day. that's so cool! and what luscious fibrous-ness. (i bet you've been huffin it, eh?)

good thing she sent coffee, cuz you're gonna need it with all that spinning you have to do.

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 7:32 PM #

Whos Loved mama! The photos are great all you have to do is click to enlarge the photo! Wow really really nice!!!

I cant wait to see what you make next!

Thrown by Blogger msfortuknit @ 3:32 PM #
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