Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can I Post?

Oh, this blog is now in the new version of blogger. I think I can finally post and comment. YAY! This makes me happy. I have missed everyone.

I have been a really busy knitter these days. I completed a pair of dark teal Fetching gloves recently. I used 2 skeins of Rowan Wool Cotton for the pictured gloves. The yarn is great for hand-oriented knits. It's soft. I think I will make a second pair of these soon. I wear these often...

I have completed a pair of lovely pink spiral-y socks too. The colors are very me, too. These are pretty basic, but I think the colors do the "talking." The yarn was sent to me a little while ago from my Punk Rock Secret Pal. Yummy yarn!

Lastly, I just finished a sweater. I made this sweater for Project Spectrum V.2. February and March are for the colors Blue, Gray and white. So, I made a stash-busting sweater in those colors. I used 4 skeins of the lighter blue, one skein of navy blue and a minimal amount of leftover Sassy Stripes yarn from a pair of past socks. The design is a bottom up seamless sweater. I adore the yoke part of the sweater, myself. It also fits me nicely, which is a plus. LOL!

And these are my most recent finished projects that I have to share. I am already working on others. So, stay tuned...

Oh, before I forget...Some things should be changed in the side bar if this blog is continuing. My blog link is not correct anymore. My newer blog is: Also, PRKG's is no more. So, that can be changed to the new blog there too. It's Punk Rock Knitters at Ok, I think that was it. I am off to add this blog back to my that I can visit often and post too.

YAY for stigmata...

Lovies, Lana


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Thank you thank you thank you Lana! How is everything? Your a goddess! Look at all of that jazz mama! I swear you have knitting elves! hahaha...your an angel! Ill change the info and let people know if they want to come and play with there sisters that we as moon says "Bought in"! hahahah
Add us to yours also~!

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