Saturday, May 19, 2007

Addi's are on a roll!

I saw these on a post at Bad Girls Who Knit , tell me they arent the sweetest things ever! Shes got them posted as Addi Lace needles and she got them from The Yarn Lady.

Im going to see if I can find them direct and cheaper if so, Ill let you know!
PS This week went wayyyyy to fast! Oh well a three week class and then ive got like two free months! eooowww!!

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yum 2 months off boy that would be nice!
Are you knitting lace?
I bought a pair of 9.00mm x 60cm, Addi's, to knit up a bag. Bought them online from 'The Wool Baa', in Melbourne.
I think they where $24.00 Aus. I sure hope I can find a use for them again.
Very nice to knit with

Thrown by Blogger BlackCrow @ 3:57 PM #

I must be the only knitter who has never used addi's. I'd probably go with the lace ones since they are pointier. I like me needles to be sharp enough to inflict deadly force when hurled from a distance. No reason, just like them that way. just in case.

Thrown by Blogger Gothknits @ 10:12 AM #
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