Friday, May 18, 2007

cascading leaves assignment

Miss Obsidian Kitten here is my assignment for your cascading leaves beanie.
I finished it last night.
I must admit that this is my second go at it as I stupidly finished it before noticeing that I had forgotten a whole pattern panel!
Otherwise it was a very easy to follow instructions.
I used 3.50 wooden double pointed needles as I've worked with this Jo Sharp, Silk Road Aran Tweed, before and have noticed that because of its texture you it tends to get a bit slack between some of the stitches leaving it uneven and you need to tug it gently to tighten them up , but not too hard as this wool tends to break easily. (make sense) Anyway to compensate I use smaller needles on projects like this that need to stretch.
So when I reached the last round of patterns before the decrease the measurements where exactly 5 inches.
It was nearly midnight before I finished but the instructions where so easy I could have knitted this asleep.
Thanks Miss O kitten for my new beanie, I'm already thinking about making another in black but not the Aran Tweed.

Thrown by Grace Garton @ 5:42 PM

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THAT IS ADORABLE!! How wonderful!

Thrown by Blogger MsFortuknit @ 2:40 PM #

i'm so excited you made one and i lurve the color. also your pics came out so much nicer than mine did.

yay yay yay!

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 9:18 AM #
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