Sunday, June 24, 2007

flashing my knickers

Blush:) I made another effort and started again...I'm really good at counting to 190 now.
So I'm up to where the pattern starts.
I also started these...cos' I think I bought enough of this 2ply silk to last me a life's red and red is good!

No, no, no I'm not listening....I can't get sucked into another computer game, No!!!!
I very nearly lost all social skills, not to mention my BF (who is now an ex anyway),whilst playing Doom and Wolfenstein. My scores where so high they didn't fit into the text boxes that were made for them.
I can't do it again....but I've been hearing that there are some really cool ones out there.
Oh and Sev Dr Who starts next Thursday....who would have thought that Tasmania, (the dag end of the world) would get the good doctor before Stinkville, ha ha, ha!!
And Miss O' Kitten I bought more stuff from you today......couldn't help myself.

Illustrations by Charles Adams, the originator of The Adams family.

Isn't she marvelous?

Thrown by Grace Garton @ 2:48 AM

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I'm totally feeling that last illustration- the fetus feels like he has that many legs in there.

I wonder if there is a pattern online?

Thrown by Blogger Stephieface @ 10:43 AM #

she IS marvelous. so gorgeous. of *course* she knits.

and you did shop chez moi again! *blush* i just sent your package off to tasmania...which i now know must be a real place, not just in the cartoons, b/c the US Post Office says so.

plus -- tasmanian devils! i saw them on the animal planet channel. it looks like they would completely wreck havoc on one's knitting, tho, no matter how cute they look.

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 10:14 PM #

Awesome! Now if only I could get you or Shannah to pick up your phones...

Thrown by Blogger MsFortuknit @ 4:23 PM #
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