Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting Off My Lazy Ass

First off, welcome Freak Girl! And second I'm a lazy cow.

Dammit, I've got three handy-dandy new patterns that I should have posted oh, maybe a month ago but I've been too damned lazy to write the fool things up. That would involve getting a sheet of graph paper from waaay across the room and using a pencil.

I've also been sucked into a computer game. They should put a warning on the box: May Cause Addicitve Behavior. I go to work for eight hours, then come home and swear I'm only having a little taste of Arcanum and I'm only going to play for an hour, but nooooo, I look at the clock and it's usually close to midnight and I still haven't made dinner. I don't even want to alk about what happens on weekends. I used to do this with The Sims but I deleted that to make room for another game that was so dull I don't even remember the title.

I've gotten a tad disgusted with the game since I'm now stuck in a tunnel and keep getting killed by giant glowing spiders so I've picked up my knitting again.

Here's the right leg of a 1940's French Knickers pattern sent to me by Black Crow in my last PRGE box. I've been using some unlabelled rayon in a strange old-timey pinkish grey (not hot pink like the photo), I figured I could always dye them black or burgundy. They're a test pair. I've got a couple balls of black silk I pillaged from a thrift store sweater and I had cast that on but the lace pattern was so hard to see that I wound up frogging it. Plus it was that kinda yarn that has loose strands so if you weren't paying very close attention you get all these little loose loops all over. Feh. I might knit a second pair in the silk but without the lace.

I dug through my sewing patterns this wekend and found a couple of undies patterns I want to try. 1950's French Knickers, 1920's tap panties, and a fairly voluminous 1920's "dance set".

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I find great humor in the fact that your still stuck by the glowing spider for I have been stuck myself for longer then I want to admit on two games and have given one to the baby to use as a coaster.

So them there knickers are pretty damn sweet! Youve got a great eye for undies you!
Bitchin photo by the way...Say wanna try and keep that line open for awhile so I could oh I dont know maybe call and bitch about what a fuckin shitty game im playing! hahaah

Thrown by Blogger MsFortuknit @ 12:41 PM #

Keep my line open? Now you know I've got brand-new Dr. Who episodes to download. They won't be on TV here in the states for months.

Damn, I am such a nerd.

Anyhow, I kill one glowing spider then another one pops up. Then there's zombies, then lava people. It just doesn't end!

Then I run out of bullets and they rip my arm off and I die. Dammit.

See, you need to track down some cheat codes. Age of Empires, right? Gotta be some out there. Arcanum technically doesn't have cheat codes but today I learned how to make a garbage can give me free bullets.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 5:37 PM #

"Today I learned how to make a garbage can give me free bullets" has got to be the strangest thing I've typed all day.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 5:38 PM #

star wars galaxies was my addiction, i mean, game of choice for awhile. then everyone starting becoming a jedi, oh yawn, and i quit playing. i was a wookie. it was really cool. especially killing ewoks. who knew those things were nearly impossible to slaughter?

the servers would go down at like 6am every morning and i would plummet into the depths of despair.

they need 12-step groups for this sh*t.

love the knickers.

are lava people like badly drawn molten lava men? b/c i had kinda a crush on Moltar when SpaceGhostC2C was on.

"So you and the lava man can say sayonara to show biz, Zorak."

oh, and Zorak, too. he was my favorite.

Thrown by Blogger Obsidian Kitten @ 8:51 PM #

Lava people are I guess the molten hot version of these stone guys I keep running across in the mines. Pump them with enough bullets and they fall over, but run away if you get a whole crowd of the bastards.

I just invented a machine gun so maybe I can now pop off that giant fuckin crystal spider.

Now if I had to deal with an online game on my lousy dial-up you'd be able to hear me screaming all the way up in Michigan.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 7:02 PM #

I forgot to say I could certainly go for killin some ewoks.

Thrown by Blogger Severina @ 7:03 PM #
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