Monday, June 25, 2007

So I Guess Tasmania Must Really Exist

Because Littleblackcrow lives there. And so do these guys, apparently.

Like pretty much anything else, they start out really small and disgustingly cute.

I could pretty much die from all the cuteness. I'd like to have, say, maybe a dozen or so. The cats would get kind of jealous, though.

This is me this week, with PMS in the middle of a hot, humid spell.
"I said NOT until I finish this bloody row, you bloomin' idiot!"

Thrown by Obsidian Kitten @ 10:18 PM

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Yeah for devils!! They are the only reason I moved here....well not quite.
The poor little guys are slowly becoming extinct from a very contagious facial tumor. It's really horrible.
And boy are they scary sounding at night like is heavy snarling breathing behind you.

Thrown by Blogger BlackCrow @ 2:26 AM #

ROFLMAO.. I often feel like that last photo myself. Wow.. they are SO cute.

Thrown by Blogger Mouse @ 11:39 AM #
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