Sunday, July 01, 2007

Goth Bless Kittens!

Im taking my personal blog to Msfortknit1, on WordPress Wordpress now cuz its sooooooooo super-duper-way cooler then Blogger. They have a free version and One that you can set up to work with a website, which I also now have!! I have a new email address as well, so come and visit! I am of course still adding stuff so hope to hear from all of you!

PS Thanks tons to Spinning Goth
and Freak Girl for allllll of their help setting up a Great Webhost that my ISP actully points to so I can have my own email address! You ladies Simply rule!

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ok, i'm such a luddite that i've had a dreamhost account since, um, last friggin *december* and i've tried to get wordpress to work several times on it and i just can't seem to get it to happen.

grrrrr...i'm jealous! i wanna my website to work too! i want my wordpress, it's so coooool!

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